Developing Support for Custom Delphi Controls > Designing Your Delphi Extensibility Code > Creating Your Extensibility Code

Creating Your Extensibility Code

To create the extensibility Delphi unit that you develop to support your custom controls, use the template unit provided with the Delphi Add-in: <UFT installation folder>\dat\Extensibility\Delphi\ExtensibilityImplementationTemplate.pas

In your extensibility code you must do the following:

For more information, see <UFT installation folder>\dat\Extensibility\Delphi\AgentExtensibilitySDK.pas.

Before you can run the support that you develop, you must compile the Delphi application you are testing with the extensibility unit you designed and with the Delphi Add-in precompiled agent. For more information, see Deploying the Toolkit Support Set.