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Interface RecordWrapper

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public interface RecordWrapper
extends WrapperInspector

The RecordWrapper interface extends WrapperInspector.

Method Summary
 boolean blockWrappedObjectRecord()
          Checks whether to pass events to an inner object.
 RecordMessage wrapperRecordMessage(RecordMessage record, java.lang.Object wrapper)
          Passes the RecordMessage to the wrapper object for processing.
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Method Detail


RecordMessage wrapperRecordMessage(RecordMessage record,
 java.lang.Object wrapper)
Passes the RecordMessage to the wrapper object for processing. The method returns one of:
- The record argument unchanged, to send the original message to the test
- A new RecordMessage to be sent instead of the original
- null, to cancel the recording

record - The RecordMessage produced by this wrapped object.
wrapper - The container object that wraps this component.
The RecordMessage after processing by the wrapper.


boolean blockWrappedObjectRecord()
Checks whether to pass events to an inner object.
If the implementation returns true, the inner wrapped object does not receive event notifications. In that case, the wrapper object must register itself as an event listener and handle the recording.
If the implementation returns false, the UFT infrastructure calls the wrapperRecordMessage method of this wrapper object for each record request submitted by the wrapped object.