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Support Class Summary

The following table summarizes the types of methods you use in a custom support class. For more information, see the API Reference.

Method Type


Common Methods

Identification property methods

public String <identification property name>_attr(Object obj)







Test Object Methods

public Retval <test object method name>_replayMethod(Object obj, <... list of String arguments>)


Event Handling methods

Dependent on the listener that is being implemented.

Call MicAPI.record from the event handler methods.

Utility methods to use

protected void addSimpleListener(String listenerName, String addMethodName, String removeMethodName)

public static final boolean isInRecord()

Utility methods to override

public boolean isWindow(Object obj)

protected Object mouseRecordTarget(MouseEvent e)

protected Object keyboardRecordTarget(KeyEvent e)

public boolean blockWrappedObjectRecord()

public void registerWrapperInspector()

public Object checkWrappedObject(Object obj)

public RecordMessage wrapperRecordMessage(RecordMessage message, Object wrapper)