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Implementing Custom Toolkit Support

You implement Java Add-in Extensibility by creating a custom toolkit support set for each Java toolkit you want to support. The custom toolkit support set is comprised of Java classes and XML configuration files. The Java classes you create extend existing Java Add-in classes and the support they provide, by overriding their methods and defining new ones.

This section explains how to create support for a custom toolkit. It explains what files you have to create for the custom toolkit support set, the structure and content of these files, and where they should be stored.

This section includes:

About Custom Toolkit Support

Introducing Java Add-in Extensibility Terminology

Preparing to Create Support for a Custom Toolkit

Creating a Custom Toolkit Support Set

Understanding the Toolkit Support Class

Understanding the Toolkit Configuration File

Understanding the Test Object Configuration File

Understanding Custom Support Classes

Deploying and Running the Custom Toolkit Support

Logging and Debugging the Custom Support Class

Workflow for Implementing Java Add-in Extensibility