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Developing Support for Your Toolkit

This section explains how to create support for a custom Web toolkit. It explains what files you have to create for the toolkit support set, the structure and content of these files, and how to use them to support the different UFT capabilities for your environment.

For information on where the toolkit support set files should be stored to activate the support you design, see Deploying the Toolkit Support Set.

This section includes:

About Custom Toolkit Support

Creating a Custom Toolkit Support Set

Understanding the Test Object Configuration File

Understanding the Toolkit Configuration File

Designing JavaScript Functions for Your Toolkit Support Set

Teaching UFT to Identify the Test Object Class to Use for a Custom Web Control

Testing the Toolkit Support Set During Development

Logging and Debugging the Custom Support

Implementing Support for Test Object Methods

Implementing Support for Identification Properties

Implementing a Filter for Learning Child Controls

Implementing Support for Recording

Troubleshooting and Limitations - Developing Support