LogTrackingSettings Object Members
Public Properties
Public Property ConfigFile The path of the configuration file used by the log mechanism.
Public Property EnableAutoConfig Indicates whether UFT configures the log framework (via its log configuration file) at the beginning of every run session.
Public Property IncludeInResults Indicates whether UFT can receive log messages from the log framework used by your application and include these messages in the run results.
Public Property IP The IP address from which UFT receives log framework messages.
Public Property MinConfigLevel The minimum log message level that UFT receives from the log framework and sends to the run results.
Public Property MinTriggerLevel The minimum log message level to display in the run results.
Public Property Port The UDP port number on the computer where UFT runs.
Public Property RecoverConfigAfterRun Indicates whether UFT restores the configuration file that existed prior to the beginning of the run session, when the run session ends.
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