ShowUIElement Method
Activates the specified UFT menu item.
Visual Basic
Public Sub ShowUIElement( _
   ByVal MenuItem As String _
MenuItem String
Spy Opens the Object Spy dialog box. (Tools > ObjectSpy)
ObjectRepository Opens the Object Repository window. (Resources > Object Repository)
ObjectRepositoryManager Opens the Object Repository Manager window. (Resources > Object Repository Manager)
Settings Opens the Test Settings, Component Settings, or Application Area Settings dialog box, depending on the active testing document. (File > Settings)
ActionProperties Options the Action Properties dialog box for the currently selected test action.  (Right click the action and select Action Properties or Properties)
AssociateRepositories Opens the Associate Repositories dialog box. (Resources > AssociateRepositories)
AboutDialog Opens the Unified Functional Testing dialog box. (Help > About Unified Functional Testing)
RecordRunSettings Opens the Record and Run Settings dialog box. (Record > Record and Run Settings)
StepGenerator Opens the Step Generator dialog box. (Design > Operation > StepGenerator)
FunctionDefinitionGenerator Opens the Function Definition Generator dialog box. (Design > Operation > Function Definition Generator)
Report Opens the Run Results Viewer. (View > Last Run Results )
QCConnectionDialog Opens the ALM Connection dialog box. (ALM > ALM Connection)
ObjectIdentificationDialog Opens the Object Identification dialog box. (Tools > Object Identification)
MapRepositoryParametersDialog Opens the Map Repository Parameters dialog box. (Resources > Map Repository Parameters)
RecoveryScenraiosManagerDialog Opens the Recovery Scenario Manager dialog box. (Resources> Recovery Scenario Manager)
OptionsDialog Opens the Options dialog box. (Tools > Options > GUI Testing tab)
Run Begins a run session. (Run > Run Now)
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