SiebelLauncher Object Members
Public Properties
Public Property ActiveIndicates whether to record and run on any open Siebel session (False) or to open a specified session (True) when a record or run session begins.
Public Property AddressThe URL address to open.
Public Property AutoLoginIndicates whether UFT One automatically logs in to the Siebel server.
Public Property CloseOnExitIndicates whether the browser that was opened by the launcher is closed when the test closes.
Public Property LogoutOnExitIndicates whether UFT One automatically logs out of the application that was opened by the launcher when the test closes.
Public Property PasswordThe encrypted Siebel login password.
Public Property SiebAutomationAccessCodeThe predefined security code required to enable access to Siebel Test Automation.
Public Property SiebAutomationRequestTimeoutThe timeout period for each attempt to connect to Siebel Test Automation when running the test.
Public Property UserThe Siebel login user name.
Public Property VersionThe Siebel version for the application(s) on which UFT One will record and run.
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