WebLauncher Object Members

Public methods

Public Method SetLabInstructs UFT One to use local browser for the test.

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Public Properties

Public Property ActiveIndicates whether to record and run on any open browser (False) or to open a specified browser and URL (True) when a record or run session begins.
Public Property AddressThe URL address to open.
Public Property BrowserThe Web browser to open.
Public Property BrowserParameterNameThe name of the parameter that defines the browser to use.
Public Property CloseOnExitIndicates whether the browser that was opened by the launcher should be closed when the test is closed.
Public Property Env

Returns the value of the Use combo-box in the Web tab of the Record and Run Settings dialog.

Public Property ParameterizationTypeDefines the type of parameter used to define the web browser.
Public Property RuntimeParameterizationIndicates whether the Parameterize runtime web settings option is used.

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