WindowsAppsOptions Object Members
Public Properties
Public Property AttachedTextAreaThe point on an object from which UFT One searches for the object's attached text.
Public Property AttachedTextRadiusThe maximum distance, in pixels, that UFT One searches for attached text.
Public Property ClickEditBeforeSetTextIndicates whether UFT One fires a click event to set focus in the edit box before setting a text value.
Public Property ExpandMenuToRetrievePropertiesIndicates whether UFT One opens menu objects before retrieving menu item properties during a run session.
Public Property ForceEnumChildWindowsEnumerates all windows in the system (rather than only top-level windows) when running a step.
Public Property NonUniqueListItemRecordModeThe method for recording an item in a list or tree when two or more items have an identical name.
Public Property RecordOwnerDrawnButtonAsThe method for identifying and recording custom-made buttons in the application.
Public Property UseKeyboardToPerformSetIndicates whether UFT One simulates keyboard events, or uses API and Windows messages when performing Set operations on edit boxes during a run session.
Public Property VerifyMenuInitEventIndicates whether UFT One waits for a menu initialization event before recording on menu controls.
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