Working with Published Properties to Support Test Object Methods and Identification Properties

UFT One interacts with the application's controls by setting and retrieving the published properties provided by the Agent Object and the control itself. UFT One first accesses the published properties of the Agent Object and then, if necessary, the published properties of the Delphi object.

When you develop your Agent Object, design published properties to support the identification properties and test object methods that you defined in the test object configuration file. For example, you can create published properties in your Agent Object to enable access to (public) unpublished member variables of the control.

The following reserved properties are used for the implementation of recording and running tests and components:

  • __QTPReplayMtd_

    Use this prefix for all Agent Object properties designed to implement running UFT One test object methods.

  • __CellRect, __CellData, and __TableContent

    These properties are used to implement support for grid objects. For more information, see Creating Support for Custom Grid Controls.

  • __QTPRecording

    This property is used to implement support for the UFT One recording capability. For more information, see Supporting the UFT One Recording Capability.

The implementation for recording and running tests and components is described in the following sections: