Deployment File Structure

The toolkit support set files are deployed in the following structure:

Parent folder or zip file
    |    |---<ToolkitName>TestObjects.xml file
    |---Toolkits folder:
            |            |---<ToolkitName> folder
                      |                        |---<ToolkitName>.xml file
                        |---JavaScript folder containing JavaScript files
                        |---Res folder containing icon files (optional)
                        |---Help folder containing .chm files (optional)

If the toolkit support set was previously deployed in a different structure, files that are not overwritten remain in their original locations but are no longer used. For example, if you imported a toolkit support set developed for QuickTest 9.5 or 10.00, where the JavaScript files were not stored in a JavaScript subfolder, and then re-deployed this toolkit support set. You might want to delete the unused files to avoid future confusion.