Extensibility Accelerator at a Glance

Extensibility Accelerator for Functional Testing is a Visual Studio-like IDE that facilitates the design, development, and deployment of Web Add-in Extensibility toolkit support sets.

You develop a toolkit support set in an extensibility project. The main Extensibility Accelerator functionalities are available only when you have a project open. You can open only one project at a time.

This section introduces the Extensibility Accelerator window and lists the main areas in comprises and how you can use them.

You can customize the appearance of this window by moving and docking the windows it contains and by customizing toolbars, in the same ways as you would in Visual Studio.

Note: If your computer's display is set to the Windows Classic style, the colors and appearance of some tabs will differ from the intended design.

The Extensibility Accelerator window contains:

Main Area

The main area of the Extensibility Accelerator window can display the following:

Additional Windows

In addition to the main area, the following windows are available. (You can show them by selecting them in the View menu.)

  • Workflow. Displays the development stages required to create and deploy support for a custom toolkit, highlighting the current stage.

    You can click on the relevant stage to create a new test object class or deploy the toolkit support set. For details, see Workflow Window.

  • Class View. Displays the test object classes defined in the open project, and the operations defined for each test object class.

    This window also provides access to common activities such as adding or editing classes and editing or debugging operations. For details, see Class View.

    This window is available only when a project is open.

  • Project Explorer. Displays the folders and files that make up the open extensibility project.

    You can double-click files in the project tree to open them. For details, see Project Explorer.

  • Error List. Displays error, warning, or information messages when mandatory data is missing in your project or if conflicts or discrepancies are found between information in the different files.

Standard Visual Studio windows are available as well, such as: Task List and Find Results, and debugging related windows such as Breakpoints and Command Window.

Menus and Toolbars

The menus and toolbars available in Extensibility Accelerator are similar to the ones in Visual Studio, and change according to the type of designer or file that you are working in. For example:

  • The File, Edit, View, Tools, Window, and Help menus are always available.

  • The Project menu is available when a project is open.

  • The XML menu is available when an XML file is open.

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