Extensibility Accelerator Overview

UFT Web Add-in Extensibility enables you to develop support for testing third-party and custom Web controls that are not supported out-of-the-box by the Unified Functional Testing Web Add-in.

Extensibility Accelerator for Functional Testing is an IDE that facilitates the design, development, and deployment of this support. This IDE is powered by the Microsoft Visual Studio Shell and therefore provides the same look and feel as Visual Studio, as well as many of the Visual Studio basic IDE functionalities.

Extensibility Accelerator provides a user interface that helps you define new test object classes, map those test object classes to the controls in your application, and teach UFT how to identify the controls, perform operations on the controls and retrieve their properties.

This information is stored in XML files and JavaScript files, which comprise a toolkit support set that you deploy to UFT to extend the Web Add-in to support the custom controls. For details on toolkit support sets, see Custom Toolkit Support Sets.