Installing the Extensibility Accelerator

This section describes the installation of the Extensibility Accelerator.

Installed Components

The Extensibility Accelerator for Functional Testing installation program installs the following:

  • Extensibility Accelerator.

    You can access this program from the icon installed on your desktop or from the UFT One program group (Start > Program Files > Micro Focus > UFT One > Extensibility Accelerator).

  • The UFT One Web Add-in Extensibility API, including XSD files, JavaScript files with global functions, and so on.

  • Sample Web Add-in Extensibility projects.

    These projects contain completed toolkit support sets, which were developed to provide support for some public Web 2.0 toolkits.

    The samples are installed in the %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Documents\ExtAccTool\Samples folder, and are also accessible from the Extensibility Accelerator Start Page. You can open these projects and browse through the files, functions, and comments to learn more about how these support sets are designed. You can also modify these sample projects and experiment with them. Backup copies of the sample projects are installed in the <Extensibility Accelerator installation folder>\Help\Samples folder.

Installation Prerequisites

The following prerequisites must be installed before you can install the Extensibility Accelerator for Functional Testing:

  • .NET Framework 4.5

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Run-time Components

  • Visual Studio 2008 Shell (isolated mode) with SP1 Redistributable Package

The Extensibility Accelerator for Functional Testing installation includes the installation programs for these prerequisites, and runs them before installing Extensibility Accelerator, if relevant.

The installation files are available on the Apps Marketplace. Download the .exe file, and run it to install the Extensibility Accelerator.


  • As part of this process, an html page opens in your browser. To complete the installation successfully, this page must be opened in the following browsers:

    UFT Extensibility Accelerator 2022 and later: Internet Explorer or Chrome.

    UFT Extensibility Accelerator 2021 R1 and earlier:  Internet Explorer.

  • If you have Visual Studio 2008 installed on your computer, you must also have Service Pack 1 installed before you can install Extensibility Accelerator.

Installing on a Non-UFT One Computer

UFT One does not have to be installed on the computer in order to install and use Extensibility Accelerator to create toolkit support sets for your Web controls.

Extensibility Accelerator includes a debugging mechanism for test object operations that you design, which simulates running the operations using UFT One. You can use this functionality even on a computer where UFT One is not installed. The debugging mechanism enables you to debug part of your JavaScript functions locally, without deploying the toolkit support set to UFT One.

Installing the Extensibility Accelerator on a UFT One computer enables you to automatically deploy your toolkit support set to UFT One, making it simpler to complete the debugging and testing of your toolkit support set.