Custom Toolkit Details Screen

In the Custom Toolkit Details screen, you provide the details of the custom toolkit so that the wizard can generate a corresponding custom toolkit support set. When you click Finish the Project Summary screen opens.

In this wizard screen you specify the following details:

Custom toolkit class locations. A list of the locations of the custom classes you want to support in this project. You can specify Eclipse projects, .jar files, and Java class folders (the file system folders containing the compiled Java classes).

When the new Java Add-in Extensibility project is built, these locations are added to the project build path.

The build path must also include the locations of all parent classes of the custom classes. Add these locations manually to the build path in your project if any custom classes are not derived directly from SWT, AWT, or JFC (Swing) and the parent classes are not located in the same location as the custom classes.


  • The Custom Class Selection Screen in the New UFT Custom Support Class Wizard displays the custom classes from the locations you list in this box. This enables you to select the required custom class when creating a custom support class. (You create custom support classes after the new Java Add-in Extensibility project is built.)
  • To add or remove custom class locations in a Java Add-in Extensibility project after it is created, use the Properties dialog box for UFT Java Add-in Extensibility projects.