Deploying and Testing the New ImageControls Toolkit Support

When you created the new ImageControlCS support class, the wizard modified the ImageControls.xml file to map the ImageControl class to the ImageControlCS support class. Therefore, you must redeploy the ImageControls toolkit support for your changes to take effect.

  1. Deploy the ImageControls toolkit support to UFT.

    In the Eclipse Package Explorer tab, select the ImageControlsSupport project.

    Click the Deploy Toolkit Support button, or select UFT > Deploy Toolkit Support. In the confirmation messages that open, click Yes and then OK.

  2. Test the modified custom support.

    Repeat the procedures in Planning Support for the ImageButton Control and Planning Support for the ImageLabel Control, to re-run the SampleApp application and to ensure that the support for ImageButton and ImageLabel is functioning properly.

    Note: You did not change any test object configuration files, therefore you can use an open session of UFT (running with the ImageControls custom toolkit support loaded).

    The changes you made to the custom toolkit support set do not affect the way UFT recognizes and tests the ImageLabel and ImageButton controls. However, the support for the label identification property for both of these controls is now inherited from the ImageControlCS class. If additional custom classes that extend ImageControl are created, their label property will be similarly supported on UFT with no additional effort required.

You can find a ready-made example of the improved support for the ImageControls toolkit in the <UFT Java Add-in Extensibility SDK installation folder>\samples\ImageControlsSupportAdvanced folder. (If you deploy this example manually, you must compile the Java classes before deploying.)