Understanding the Contents of the Test Object Configuration File

A test object configuration file can include the following:

The following example shows parts of the SwfObject test object class definition in a test object configuration file. The example shows that the SwfObject is extended by adding a MyCustomButtonSet method. The method has one argument (Percent, which defines the percentage to set in the control), and it also has a documentation string that appears in the Keyword View:

    <ClassInfo BaseClassInfoName="SwfObject" Name="MyCompany.MyButton">
            <Operation Name="MyCustomButtonSet"PropertyType="Method" ExposureLevel="CommonUsed">
                  <Description>Set the percentage in the task bar</Description>
                  <Documentation><![CDATA[Set the %l %t to <Percent> percent.]]></Documentation>
                    <Argument Name="Percent" IsMandatory="true" Direction="In">
                        <Type VariantType="Integer"/>
                        <Description>The percentage to set in the task bar.</Description>

For information on the structure and syntax of a test object configuration file, see the Micro FocusUnified Functional Testing Test Object Schema Help