UFT Extensibility Agent library 1.3
ITestable2 Interface
Services to support building and running tests. Extends ITestable to support Smart Identification. This interface does not support recording.
Object Model
ITestable2 Interface
Public Methods
Public Method BuildDescriptionReturns the description of the specified object.
Public Method CompareObjectIdsChecks if two object IDs are identical.
Public Method FindObjectIdReturns the object ID of the child of the specified parent that matches the description.
Public Method FindObjectId2Returns an array of object IDs of the children of the specified parent that match the description. (Implement instead of FindObjectId to support Smart Identification.)
Public Method GetChildrenReturns the object IDs of the direct descendents of the specified object.
Public Method GetDisplayNameReturns the name to be displayed in the user interface.
Public Method GetElementTypeReturns the type of the specified object, generally the class name.
Public Method GetLastErrorReturns the error message that resulted from the immediately preceding action.
Public Method GetParentReturns the object ID of the control that contains the specified object.
Public Method GetPropertiesReturns an array of values corresponding to the array of property names for the specified object.
Public Method GetTabularAttributesGets the display attributes of the specified table.
Public Method GetTabularDataReturns the table data in the specified range.
Public Method GetTestingEnvironmentReturns the environment description.
Public Method LearnChildObjectsGets object IDs from root down to and including the specified object, and from the specified object to the bottom of the hierarchy.
Public Method RunRuns a test object method.
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