UFT Extensibility Virtual Object library 1.1
TEAVirtualObjectImp Object
Represents a generic object that can be used to return any test object from a method.
Object Model
TEAVirtualObjectImp Object
When a test object method returns another test object, create an instance of TEAVirtualObjectImp object, set its objID to the ID of the test object to return using SetRuntimeID, and return the virtual object. UFT identifies the actual object using the object ID in the virtual object and returns the actual object in the script.
The replacement of the virtual object with the actual object takes place transparently, so the script flow is that the object returned from the method is used as-is.
Set myExtendedCheckbox = _
Public Methods
Public Method GetRuntimeIDReturns the run-time ID of the virtual object.
Public Method SetRuntimeIDSets the run-time ID of the virtual object.
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