TestingEnvironment Schema
TestingEnvironment Schema
The collection of test object classes handled by the testing environment.
AdditionalInfoPlaceholder for additional information.
ArgumentThe argument definitions for the operation.
ClassInfoThe test object class.
DescriptionThe description of the element.
DocumentationThe documentation string for the operation.
ExternalTypeInfoExternal type library information for the test object class.
HelpInfoContext-sensitive Help information for the element.
IconInfoIcon information for the element.
ListOfValuesA predefined list of values that can be used for test object method arguments or return values.
OperationA single method or property of a test object class.
ReturnValueTypeThe return value's data type.
TypeThe data type.
TypeInfoType information for a test object class, including the location of the external type library and a list of additional operations.
TypeInformationThe top level element that defines the testing environment and contains the test object classes (ClassInfo elements) and predefined lists of values (ListOfValues elements).
Simple Types
Simple TypeDescription
VariantThe underlying data type of the Variant. It can be specified either as a string which is one of the Variant types, e.g. VT_BSTR, or by the corresponding Variant integer, e.g. 8.