Implementing the Run Method

To support running tests on applications developed in your environment, you must implement the RunEx or Run method to support all of the relevant test object methods for each test object class.

Implement ITestable3 and the RunEx method if you want to add test-object related lines to the UFT One run results. The RunEx method provides the reportContext parameter which you can use to represent the test object when calling the IReporter:Report method to add the lines to the run results.

Otherwise, you can implement the Run method. You can add lines to the run results using the method, without associating the information to a specific test object.

Note: If you want to add lines to the UFT One run results, you must implement the BeginRun2 method in the ITestEvents2 interface. Save the reporter object provided by this method, and use it to call the IReporter:Report method during the run session.