Testing Your Support for Accessing Native Properties and Operations

After implementing the GetRunTimeObject method, you can test your support for accessing native properties and operations in the Object Spy and in tests.

To test your support for accessing the native properties and operations:

  1. Ensure that the Testing Agent and UFT One are closed.

  2. Install the updated Testing Agent.

  3. Open UFT One and make sure that the Testing Agent is launched. (For more information see steps 2 to 4 in Testing That UFT One Recognizes Your Testing Environment.)

  4. Run an application that contains objects on which the Testing Agent supports accessing native operations and properties.

  5. In UFT One, open the Object Spy and click the pointing hand button. Click on an object in the application.

  6. Make sure that the Object Spy displays the correct native properties and operations.

  7. In UFT One, create a GUI test that uses the Object property to access native operations. For more information on creating a test, see step 5 in Testing That UFT One Recognizes Your Testing Environment.

  8. Run the test you created and verify that it performs the operations correctly on the application.