Get Toolkit State      


Retrieves the state of the supported toolkit in the specified frame on the current Web page.


function <get toolkit state> ( doc_element )




The document element of the frame in which the toolkit's state needs to be checked.

Return Value

One of the following:

  • ToolkitState.UNKNOWN - The toolkit does not implement the ability to identify its state.
  • ToolkitState.NOT_PRESENT - The toolkit is not present on the current page.
  • ToolkitState.PRESENT - The toolkit is present on the page but information about its readiness is not available.
  • ToolkitState.NOT_READY - The toolkit is present but the page is still processing the toolkit.
  • ToolkitState.READY - The toolkit is ready for event registration.
  • If UFT does not recognize your custom controls correctly during a recording session, and you are able to detect the state of the supported toolkit on the Web page, you might want to try to design a <get toolkit state> method.
  • During a recording session, in some cases, UFT calls the <get toolkit state> function, and can use it to wait for the toolkit to load fully before calling the Web Add-in Extensibility function that was developed to register for events.
  • Define the name of the function in a Control\ToolkitStateQuery element in the toolkit configuration file.
  • This feature is disabled by default. In order to enable it, set the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Mercury Interactive\QuickTest Professional\MicTest\Packages\WebPackage\Settings\KitsStateQueryEnabled to 1.

In this example, the toolkit support set enables UFT to query the state of the supported toolkit.

From the toolkit configuration file:


     <ToolkitStateQuery type="javascript"

        file_name="JavaScript\ToolkitState.js" function="get_toolkit_state" />    


During the recording session, UFT calls this function to find out if the toolkit is ready for event registration:

function get_toolkit_state (doc_element)


    if ( !window.jQuery )


        return ToolkitState.NOT_PRESENT;

    } else if( window.jQuery.isReady )


                return ToolkitState.READY;    

            } else


                        return ToolkitState.NOT_READY;