Using the Microsoft Windows Event Log

You can use the _util.LogLine method in your JavaScript functions to add messages to the Microsoft Windows event log.

You provide the log message text and the level of severity for the log entry and, optionally, an ID and a category number. UFT One adds the toolkit name and a time and date stamp to the information that you provide, and adds the entry to the event log.

In addition, while recognizing objects supported by Web Add-in Extensibility and performing tests on them, UFT One also writes log and error messages to the event log.

To view the event log and analyze the performance of your toolkit support set, open the Event Viewer (in Windows XP and Windows 2000, select Start > Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management, expand the Event Viewer node in the Computer Management tree) and select the UFT One node. Double-click a specific log entry to see its text.

You can filter the log messages displayed in the Event Viewer according to severity and other message fields. In the Computer Management toolbar, select View > Filter. For more information, see the Event Viewer Help (select Action > Help in the Event Viewer).