Extensibility Accelerator

An increasing number of Web applications are making use of Web 2.0-based toolkits, such as ASP.NET AJAX, Dojo, YahooUI, GWT, and JQueryUI to add dynamic and interactive content to their sites. The controls in these toolkits are complex and require sophisticated and flexible testing capabilities.

UFT One Web Add-in Extensibility enables you to extend the Web Add-in to customize how UFT One recognizes and interacts with different types of controls. Until now, using Web Add-in Extensibility consisted of manually developing and maintaining toolkit support sets.

Extensibility Accelerator for Functional Testing is a Visual Studio-like IDE that facilitates the design, development, and deployment of these support sets. It makes it faster and easier to create the required extensibility XML files so that you can invest your main efforts in the development of the JavaScript functions that enable UFT One to work with your custom Web controls.

The Extensibility Accelerator user interface helps you define new test object classes, operations, and properties. It also provides a point-and-click mechanism you can use to map the test object classes you defined to controls in your application. Extensibility Accelerator deployment capabilities enable you to automatically deploy your new toolkit support set to UFT One or to package it so that you can share it with other UFT One users.

The installation files are available on the AppDelivery Marketplace. Download the .exe file, and run it to install the Extensibility Accelerator.

Note: As part of this process, an html page opens in your browser. To complete the installation successfully, this page must be opened in the following browsers:

UFT Extensibility Accelerator 2022 and later: Internet Explorer or Chrome.

UFT Extensibility Accelerator 2021 R1 and earlier:  Internet Explorer.

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