Stage 1: Creating the Toolkit Support Set

In this section, you create the files and folders that comprise the toolkit support set for the WebExtSample toolkit.

To create the toolkit support set:

  1. Create a folder for your toolkit support set.

    You can choose any convenient name and location for this folder.

  2. In the toolkit support set folder, create a file named WebExtSampleTestObjects.xml. This is the test object configuration file.

  3. In the toolkit support set folder, create a folder named Toolkits.

  4. In the Toolkits folder, create a folder named WebExtSample.

  5. In the Toolkits\WebExtSample folder, create the following:

    • A file named WebExtSample.xml (This is the toolkit configuration file.)

    • A file named WebExtBook.js (This is the file for all of the JavaScript functions you design to support the Book control.)

    • A folder named Res containing the WebBook.ico icon file (You can copy the icon file from %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Documents\ExtAccTool\Samples\WebExtSample\Res.)

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