Learning to Create UFT One Support for a Simple Custom Web Control

In this lesson you manually create support for the Book control in the Web Add-in Extensibility Book Sample toolkit, which is installed with Extensibility Accelerator for Functional Testing. Creating support for the Book control requires only minimal customization, allowing you to learn the basics of creating a toolkit support set.

When you create support for your own controls, use Extensibility Accelerator to design your support. Extensibility Accelerator creates the toolkit support set files and sets up the XML files automatically, so you can focus on designing your JavaScript functions. Creating the support manually in this lesson enables you to get a better understanding of the structure and content of a Web Add-in Extensibility toolkit support set.

The %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Documents\ExtAccTool\Samples\WebExtSample folder contains a complete toolkit support set for this sample to which you can refer while you perform this lesson.

Before you perform this lesson, ensure that you have read Introducing UFT One Web Add-in Extensibility.

This lesson includes: