Modifying Identification Property Attributes in a Test Object Configuration File

The following attributes of the Identification Property element in the test object configuration file specify information that can be modified in UFT (using the Object Identification dialog box): AssistivePropertyValue, ForAssistive, ForBaseSmartID, ForDescription, ForOptionalSmartID, and OptionalSmartIDPropertyValue. These attributes determine the lists of identification properties used for different purposes in UFT. For more information, see the UFT Test Object Schema Help.

Therefore, by default, UFT reads the values of these attributes from the XML file only once, to prevent overwriting any changes a user makes using the Object Identification dialog box. In this way, UFT provides persistence for the user defined property lists.

If the user clicks the Reset Test Object button in the Object Identification dialog box, the attributes' values are reloaded from the XML.

If the XML changed since the last time it was loaded (based on the file's modification date in the system), UFT reads the attributes from the XML. UFT adds identification properties to the relevant lists (and adjusts their order if necessary) according to the values of these attributes, but does not remove any existing identification properties from the lists.

To instruct UFT to completely refresh the identification property lists according to the attributes defined in the XML each time UFT is opened, set the DevelopmentMode attribute of the TypeInformation element in this test object configuration file to true.

Considerations When Modifying Identification Properties Attributes