CTL_MsgFilter Enumeration

UFT One 2022 and later: Following the discontinuance of the Silverlight development framework, UFT One no longer supports the Silverlight Add-in out of the box.

If you need to use and extend the Silverlight Add-in, contact Micro Focus Support.

Options for sending Windows messages to the custom server.


Visual Basic (Declaration) 
Public Enum CTL_MsgFilter 
   Inherits Enum
public enum CTL_MsgFilter : Enum  


CTL_MSGSOnly messages intended for the specific custom control, or for its children that are considered an integral part of it (i.e. children for which the IsKnownPartOf method returns true).
ALL_MSGSEvery Windows message intended for a control in the application.
CHILD_MSGSMessages intended for the specific custom control or its child controls.

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