Convert Method


Converts the specified object repository file (version 8.2.1 or earlier) to the current format.

Important Information

You must convert object repository files from QuickTest Professional 8.2.1 or earlier to the current format before you can use them in QuickTest Professional 9.0 or later or UFT.

Note: You do not need to use the Load method to load the object repository before converting it.


object.Convert(OldFile, NewFile)

Syntax Details

objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type ObjectRepositoryUtil.
OldFileRequired. A String value. The full name and path of the object repository you want to convert to the current format. 
NewFileRequired. A String value. The full name and path under which you want to save the converted object repository. The file must be a new file (one that does not already exist). The folder path must be an existing one.

Return Type

A Variant value.  The full name of the converted object repository.