Load Method


Loads the specified object repository file.

Important Information

  • You must load an object repository file before performing any other object repository automation steps.
  • All object repository automation steps in your script that follow a load statement, perform the operations on the loaded object repository file.
  • If your script contains more than one Load statement on the same RepositoryUtil object, the second Load statement effectively unloads the first repository.

    To load more than one repository at once, create multiple RepositoryUtil objects and load the repositories using different objects.



object.Load FileName

Syntax Details

objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type ObjectRepositoryUtil.
FileNameRequired. A String value.

The name and full path of the object repository file.

The object repository you specify can be either a shared object repository (*.tsr file) or an XML file in the required object repository format.

Return Type