Similar to the IMachineDebugManager interface, the IMachineDebugManagerCookie interface supports debug cookies.

This interface (along with the IDebugCookie interface) allow scripts to run in a script debugger process without requiring that the debugger keep track of those scripts.

A script debugger calls the IDebugCookie::SetDebugCookie method on the Process Debug Manager (PDM). Then, the PDM sends this cookie along with any request to add or remove a script application to or from the Machine Debug Manager (MDM), using the methods of the IMachineDebugManagerCookie interface. The MDM then notifies every debugger of the change, except for the one that has that cookie.

In addition to the methods inherited from IUnknown, the IMachineDebugManagerCookie interface exposes the following methods.

Methods in Vtable Order

Method Description


Adds an application to the running application list.


Returns an enumerator of the current list of running applications.


Removes an application from the running application list.

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