Windows® Script Components provide you with an easy way to create powerful, reusable COM components in script. You create script components using any scripting language that supports the Microsoft® ActiveX® Scripting interfaces. Script languages that support these interfaces include JScript, Microsoft® Visual Basic® Scripting Edition (VBScript), PERLScript, PScript, and Python.

COM Support

This new script component technology supports common types of COM components, such as Automation, and is extensible with add-ons such as DHTML behaviors.

Script Components:

  • Are small and efficient.

  • Are easy to create, maintain, and deploy.

  • Provide the ability to create COM components.

  • Provide access to a broad range of system services.

Using script components, you can create COM components for a variety of tasks, such as performing middle-tier business logic, accessing and manipulating database data, adding transaction processing to applications, and adding interactive effects to a Web page using DHTML Behaviors.


For more information about ActiveX Scripting interfaces, see the Microsoft Scripting Technologies Web site at

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