Provides access to a text-only version of the debug document. This interface uses the following conventions:

  • Both character positions and line numbers are zero based.

  • Character-positions represent character offsets; they do not represent byte or word offsets. For Win32, a character-position is a Unicode offset.

In addition to the methods inherited from IDebugDocument, the IDebugDocumentText interface exposes the following methods.

Methods in Vtable Order

Method Description


Returns the attributes of the document.


Returns the number of lines and number of characters in the document.


Returns character-position corresponding to the first character of a line.


Returns the line number and, optionally, the character offset within the line that corresponds to the given character-position.


Retrieves the characters and/or the character attributes associated with a character-position range.


Returns the character-position range corresponding to a document context.


Creates a document context object corresponding to the provided character position range.