Here is a list of the errors messages you may encounter when running scripts in the Windows Script Host 5.6 environment.

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//E option requires name of script engine.

//H option requires host name.

//T option requires timeout value.

A duplicate name for a named or unnamed element was encountered.

An attempt at saving your settings via the //S option failed.

Can't change default script host <host name>.

Can't find script engine <engine name> for script.

Can't find script file <script file name>.

Can't read script from stdin.

Can't save settings.

Command line option mismatch.

Could not connect object <object name>.

Could not locate automation class name <automation class name>.

Execution of the Windows Script Host failed.

Host name for //H option must be "cscript" or "wscript".

Initialization of the Windows Script Host failed.

Invalid attempt to call Exec without a command.

Invalid pathname.

Invalid root in registry key <name> for reading.

Invalid syntax in URL<name>.

Invalid timeout value for //T option.

Loading script <script name> failed.

Loading your settings failed.

Missing job name.

Protocol handler for <name> not found.

Remote script object can only be executed once.

Script execution time was exceeded on script <script name>. <script name> execution was terminated.

Script setting file <settings filename>is invalid.

The shortcut pathname must end with .lnk or .url.

There is no file extension in <file name>.

There is no printer called <name>.

There is no script engine for file extension <file extension>.

There is no script file specified.

Unable to execute - arguments list too long.

Unable to execute remote script.

Unable to find job <job identifier>.

Unable to open registry key <name> for reading.

Unable to remove environment variable <name>.

Unable to remove registry key <name>.

Unable to save shortcut <name>.

Unable to set shortcut target to <name>.

Unable to wait for process.

Unable to write to wsh.log. Please check with your administrator.

Unicode is not supported on this platform.

Unknown option <option designation> specified.

Windows Script Host access is disabled on this machine. Contact your administrator for details.

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