Several areas of functionality have been addressed in this latest version of the Windows Script Host (version 5.6).

Improved Argument Handling

Running Scripts Remotely

  • You can load scripts onto several remote computer systems and start them all running simultaneously. While a remote script is running, you can check its progress. After it has finished, you can ensure that it ran correctly or determine the cause of its premature termination. There is a new dispatch object used to create remote WSH objects — the Controller object. In addition, there is a new object that represents an instance of a running script — the Remote WSH object.

    To Learn About See

    Creating a remote script object — the remote WSH interface.

    WshController Object

    Creating a remote script object — using remote WSH interface.

    CreateScript Method

    Creating a remote script object — getting a handle.

    WshRemote Object

    Starting a remote script process.

    Execute Method

    Determining whether a remote script is currently running.

    Status Property (WshRemote)

    Determining why a remote script terminated.

    Description Property (WshRemoteError)

    Identifying which statement in your remote script caused it to terminate.

    Line Property (WshRemoteError)

    Accessing error information after a remote script terminates.

    WshRemoteError Object

    Identifying the character in the line of code that contained the error.

    Character Property

    Identifying the error number representing a script error.

    Number Property

    Identifying the source of the script error.

    Source Property

    Identifying the line of source code that caused an error.

    SourceText Property

    Handling remote object events.

    Start Event

    End Event

    Error Event

Treating New Process as Objects

Accessing the Current Working Directory

  • You can determine/modify the active process's current working directory.

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    Accessing the active directory information.

    CurrentDirectory Property

Security Issues