A Windows script is a text file. You can create a script with any text editor as long as you save your script with a WSH-compatible script extension (.js, vbs, or .wsf).

The most commonly available text editor is already installed on your computer — Notepad. You can also use your favorite HTML editor, Microsoft Visual C++, or Visual InterDev.

To create a script with Notepad

  1. Start Notepad.

  2. Write your script. For example purposes, type WScript.Echo("Hello World!");

  3. Save this text file with a .js extension (instead of the default .txt extension). For example, Hello.js.

  4. Navigate to the file you just saved, and double-click it.

  5. Windows Script Host invokes the JScript engine and runs your script. In the example, a message box is displayed with the message "Hello World!"