The following sections explain the basic design of the VBScript language.

In This Section

VBScript Features

Lists VBScript features by category and links to a reference topic for each feature.

VBScript Data Types

Explains the data types available in VBScript and how to use them.

VBScript Variables

Explains the concept of variables in VBScript and illustrates how to use them.

VBScript Constants

Illustrates how to create constants in VBScript.

VBScript Operators

Lists the VBScript operators and links to a reference topic that explains each operator.

Using Conditional Statements

Illustrates how to create and use conditions in VBScript code.

Looping Through Code

Explains how to use the various looping mechanisms in VBScript.

VBScript Procedures

Describes how construct and use the various types of procedures in VBScript.

VBScript Coding Conventions

Explains the conventions that govern the use of language elements in VBScript.

Related Sections

VBScript Language Reference

Defines the elements of VBScript and provides syntax for proper use.