IReportConfiguration Interface
A configuration that can be used for overriding the default UFT Developer report behavior or extending its capabilities.

C# Syntax

public interface IReportConfiguration 
Public Properties
  Name Description
Property Description the UFT Developer report description. The description appears directly below the title in the UFT Developer report. By default, the description is empty.  
Property IsOverrideExisting Indicates whether the existing report files will be overridden. If false, each report filename gets an ordinal suffix.  
Property ReportEnabled Specifies if the report should be enabled or not.  
Property ReportFolder The name of the folder where the UFT Developer report is generated. Default = RunResults.  
Property ReportLevel The level of events to be reported. Possible values: ReportLevel.  
Property SnapshotsLevel The snapshot capture level used to generate the UFT Developer report. Possible values: CaptureLevel  
Property TargetDirectory The root directory where report folders are generated. Default = project output path.  
Property Title the UFT Developer report title. Default = Run Results.