SessionLaunchInfo Class

The SAP GuiSession launch parameters.

C# Syntax

public class SessionLaunchInfo
Inheritance Hierarchy


Public Methods
  Name Description
Public Method Client

Sets and returns the SAP client.

C# Syntax

public string Client {get; set;}
Public Method InstanceNumber

Sets and returns the system number property of the session.

C# Syntax

public Nullable<int> InstanceNumber {get; set;}
Public Method Language

Sets and returns the 2-letter language code.

C# Syntax

                            public string Language {get; set;}
Public Method Password

Sets and returns the encrypted password.

C# Syntax

public string Password {get; set;}
Public Method ServerDescription

Sets and returns the server description, which is identical to the one displayed in the SAP Logon dialog box and is case-sensitive.

C# Syntax

public string ServerDescription {get; set;}
Public Method ServerIp

Sets and returns the SAP server IP.

C# Syntax

public IPAddress ServerIp {get; set;}
Public Method Username

Sets and returns the log-on user name.

C# Syntax

public string Username {get; set;}