IDesktopTableBehavior Interface
Desktop functionality provided for SAPUI5 tables. See ITable.Desktop

C# Syntax

public interface IDesktopTableBehavior 
Public Properties
  Name Description
Property CurrentPage The current page number in this table.  
Public Methods
  Name Description
Method ClickColumnHeader Overloaded. Clicks the header of the specified column according to its index.  
Method FirstPage Scrolls the table to the first page.  
Method LastPage Scrolls the table to the last page.  
Method MoveColumn Overloaded. Moves the specified column to the specified column position.  
Method NavigateToPage Scrolls the table to the specified page.  
Method NextPage Scrolls the table to the next page.  
Method OpenMenu Overloaded. Clicks the column header (according to its index) to open the associated menu.  
Method PreviousPage Scrolls the table to the previous page.  
Method ResizeColumn Overloaded. Resizes the specified column (according to its index) to the specified width.