IMediaControl Interface
Web methods for playing media (audio/video) files embedded in the HTML page.

C# Syntax

public interface IMediaControl 
Public Properties
  Name Description
Property CurrentSource The URL of this media file, which is currently selected in the browser window.  
Property Duration The length of the currently selected media file (in milliseconds).  
Property HasAutoPlay Indicates whether this media file starts playing as soon as it loads.  
Property HasPlaybackControls Indicates whether this media player should display playback controls.  
Property IsMuted Indicates whether the media volume is muted.  
Property IsPlaying Indicates whether this media file is currently playing.  
Property IsPlayInLoop Indicates whether this media file should start playing again from the beginning as soon as it finishes playing.  
Property PlaybackRate Indicates the speed of the media playback.  
Property PlaybackTime The current playback position in the media file (in milliseconds).  
Property Sources A collection of all media file source URLs.  
Property Volume Indicates the volume used when playing this media file.  
Public Methods
  Name Description
Method Pause Pauses the media playback.  
Method Play Plays the media file.  
Method Reload Reloads the media file.