UFT Developer JavaScript SDK code samples

This section includes:

Launch AUT code samples (JavaScript SDK)Launch a desktop application using different parameter combinations.
General samples (JavaScript SDK)

Demonstrate how to use waitUntil

Java code samples (JavaScript SDK)

Select Menu item that changes background color of AUT's main DesktopPane

Mobile code samples (JavaScript SDK)
  • Tap a button on an AUT and verify that the required string is displayed in an edit field.
  • Open Google in a WebView and perform a search
  • Lock a device based on the device's properties
  • List devices in UFT Mobile lab
  • Collect accumulated device vitals data
  • Simulate fingerprint authentication
  • Simulate barcode or QR code authentication
Oracle code samples (JavaScript SDK)
  • Select an item from a ListOfValues
  • Set the value of a cell in a table
PowerBuilder code samples (JavaScript SDK)
  • Select a Tab from a TabControl
  • Set an item in a combo box
Report code samples (JavaScript SDK)

Access current report status during runtime

SAP GUI code samples (JavaScript SDK)
  • Opening for SAP GUI test script
  • Launch SAP GUI session instance and run transactions
  • OKCode and Window objects for running transaction
  • Activate item in tree node to navigate to table object, then set data for table cells
  • Set value for SAP GUI edit box
  • Select item in combo box
SAPUI5 code samples (JavaScript SDK)
  • Opening for SAPUI5 test script
  • Select and verify item from list
  • Delete item from list box object
Standard Windows code samples (JavaScript SDK)
  • Locate a Button Using Visual Relation Identification (VRI)

  • Low level keyboard and mouse operations

Terminal Emulator code samples (JavaScript SDK)
  • Wait for text in the emulator screen
  • Send a TE Key on the screen
Web code samples (JavaScript SDK)
  • Perform various steps in an online shopping website
  • One-liner examples of using expect
  • Test on an emulated device using Google Chrome's Device mode
WPF code samples (JavaScript SDK)
  • Var declarations for WPF test script
  • Locate toggle button and change state

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