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public static class By.ByRegLinkText
extends By
implements Serializable

A locator that locates elements by the provided regular expression link text parameter.

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Field Summary


Modifier and Type Field and Description
protected String className 
protected Pattern pattern 

Constructor Summary


Constructor and Description
ByRegLinkText(Pattern pattern, String className)
A constructor for the ByRegLinkText locator.

Method Summary

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Modifier and Type Method and Description
org.openqa.selenium.WebElement findElement(org.openqa.selenium.SearchContext context) 
List<org.openqa.selenium.WebElement> findElements(org.openqa.selenium.SearchContext context) 
protected List<org.openqa.selenium.WebElement> findElementsByRegex(org.openqa.selenium.JavascriptExecutor executor, org.openqa.selenium.WebElement element)
Finds all the elements that match pattern.pattern() global field.
String toString() 

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className, cssSelector, equals, hashCode, id, linkText, name, partialLinkText, tagName, xpath

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Field Detail

Constructor Detail


public ByRegLinkText(Pattern pattern,
                     String className)
A constructor for the ByRegLinkText locator.
pattern - The link text of the element in the form of a regular expression.
className - The name of the class of the locator.

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