Class Keyboard

  • java.lang.Object
    • com.hp.lft.sdk.Keyboard

  • public class Keyboard
    extends java.lang.Object
    A class that enables low-level keyboard operations.
    When working in a grid configuration, use DesktopEnvironment.getKeyboard to get the KeyboardDevice object, which enables keyboard operations on a specific environment or grid node.
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      static class  Keyboard.Keys 
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      static void keyDown(byte keyScanCode)
      use keyDown(Keys) instead.
      static void keyDown(Keyboard.Keys key)
      Presses and holds the specified key using a keyboard virtual key.
      static void keyUp(byte keyScanCode)
      use keyUp(Keys) instead.
      static void keyUp(Keyboard.Keys key)
      Releases the specified key based on its keyboard virtual key.
      static void pressKey(byte keyScanCode)
      use pressKey(Keys) instead.
      static void pressKey(Keyboard.Keys key)
      Presses the specified key using a keyboard virtual key.
      static void sendString(java.lang.String stringToSend)
      Types the specified string.
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