What's New in LeanFT 14.53

This topic describes the new features and enhancements available in LeanFT 14.53.

Cucumber support updates

LeanFT 14.53 includes the following updates for working with Cucumber-based LeanFT tests:

  • You can now run Cucumber-based LeanFT tests from ALM. For details, see Manually create LEANFT-TEST tests in ALM.

  • LeanFT 14.53 supports Cucumber version 4.2.6, in addition to the previously supported version, 1.2.5, and provides new LeanFT Cucumber project templates for IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse.

    Tip: To use LeanFT Cucumber-based projects that were created using LeanFT templates from previous versions, follow the instructions in My old Cucumber project does not work.

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ALM integration enhancements

When running LeanFT tests from ALM, you can now run all of the methods in a test class. You no longer need to specify a single method to run.

For details, see Manually create LEANFT-TEST tests in ALM.

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New methods supported on Java objects

Java objects now support the following methods and capabilities:

CreateObject method: Create an instance of any Java object within your application.

GetStatics method: Retrieve a Java object you can use to access static members (methods and fields) of the specified Java class.

GetObjectProperty method: Retrieve the value of any test object property from your application, based on the property name. (Java SDK only)

For details, see the .NET, Java, and JavaScript SDK references.

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Extended technology support

LeanFT continues to extend its technology, framework, and browser support.

This version includes the following additional support: 

For more details, see Product Availability Matrix.

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