Install UFT Developer license from the command line (Windows)

You can install seat or concurrent licenses on Windows machines directly from the command line.

Note: Installing licenses requires administrator permissions.

Run the License Installer, LicenseInstall.exe, as follows, appending the relevant command and set of parameters described in the table below:

"<UFT Developer installation directory>\bin\HP.UFT.LicenseInstall.exe"

Action Commands and parameters
Seat license
Install a seat license
  • Run the License Installer, appending the following: 

    seat "<license key string>"


    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus\UFT Developer\bin\HP.UFT.LicenseInstall.exe" seat "<key> \" HP Unified Functional Testing"

    Note: If the license key contains a quotation mark character (") in the license key string, add a backslash character (\) before the quotation mark.

  • If the license key file is saved locally, append the following:

    seat "<path to the license key file>"

    Note: Wrap the path to the license key file in quotes.


    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus\UFT Developer\bin\HP.UFT.LicenseInstall.exe" seat "Downloads\HP UFT-licfile.dat"

Concurrent license

Verify available licenses

Run the License Installer, appending the following:

licenses <primary server name/address>:<port> [<secondary server name address>:<port>]

Note: secondary server name/address and port are optional.

The available licenses are displayed by unique ID and version.


"C:\Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus\UFT Developer\bin\HP.UFT.LicenseInstall.exe" licenses

Install a concurrent license
  1. Run the License Installer to verify which licenses are available on the AutoPass server, as described above.

    The available licenses are displayed by unique ID and version.

  2. Run the License Installer again, this time appending the following command and parameters:

    concurrent <license ID> <license version> <primary server name/address>:<port> [<secondary server name/address>:<port>] [/force]

    The address format must be identical to the one used in the Main tab of the AutoPass License Server Configuration pane. For details, see the AutoPass License Server online documentation.

    Default port for the primary and secondary servers is 5814.

    /force saves the license installation information even if the current installation fails. In subsequent sessions, UFT Developer checks the listed license server for the listed license.

    Note: secondary server name/address, port, and /force are all optional.


    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus\UFT Developer\bin\HP.UFT.LicenseInstall.exe" concurrent /force

Modify server connection protocol

Run the License Installer, appending:

  • Primary license server: config protocol.primary <protocol>
  • Secondary license server: config protocol.second <protocol>

where <protocol> is http or https as needed.