What's New in UFT Developer 2022

This topic describes the new features and enhancements available in UFT Developer 2022.

AI-based testing (tech preview)

UFT Developer 2022 offers the following updates to AI-based testing: 

Enhancement Description

Identify an object by proximity to another

To uniquely identify a single object when multiple similar ones exist, you can now describe an object based on its proximity to other AI objects.

Specifically, you can describe an AI object as being above, below, to the left, or to the right of another 'anchor' AI object. The anchor object can also be described in relation to other objects.

For example, to click the PDF icon near a specific date string to view a report for that date, use the date as an anchor in the icon's description.

See Identifying objects by relative location.

Create complex object descriptions

Describing an object uniquely may require a combination of properties such as text and position.

When using the AI Inspection interface, you can now create such object descriptions, even if each property on its own does not describe the object uniquely.

See Add steps from AI objects identified by AI Object Inspection.

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Web testing updates

UFT Developer 2022 offers the following updates to web testing: 

Enhancement Description

Edge Chromium on Linux and Mac

You can now record steps, spy objects, and run tests on Edge Chromium browsers on both Linux and Mac operating systems. This is in addition to previously supporting Edge Chromium on Windows.

Set up Microsoft Edge for UFT Developer.

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License consumption updates

UFT Developer can now consume remote commuter licenses from the AutoPass license server.

First, generate a license checkout request file. Then, have your license server administrator upload the request file to the license server, and send you the license key file the server provides. Copy the license key file to the UFT Developer computer and install the license. For details, see Install a remote commuter license.

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This version of UFT Developer includes the following installation updates:

Node.js version

Following a UFT Developer infrastructure upgrade, Node.js 16.14.0 is now the minimum version required when installing UFT Developer.

See Prerequisites.

Supported hardware

UFT Developer now supports working on Mac machines with M1 processors.

See Support Matrix.

New Safari extension version

The Micro Focus UFT Agent Safari browser extension is shared by UFT One and UFT Developer. If you upgrade to the latest version of the extension, you must manually set the extension's Mode to UFT Developer.

See Set up Safari (Mac only) for UFT Developer.

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Extended technology support

UFT Developer continues to extend its technology, framework, and browser support. This version includes the following additional support: 

Operating system versions

Operating system Versions
Windows 10 Update 21H2
MacOS Monterey (version 12)

Technology versions

Technology Versions
WPF .NET 5, .NET 6

Browser versions

Browser Versions
Chrome 98-103
Edge Chromium 98-103
Firefox 97-102

Discontinued versions

Technology Unsupported versions




67 and earlier

Impending discontinued versions

The following technologies and versions will be discontinued in the next UFT Developer release: 


Java 7 support will be discontinued.

Internet Explorer

As Microsoft no longer supports Internet Explorer, UFT Developer will cease maintenance for working with Internet Explorer.

For more details, see the Support Matrix.

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