What's New in UFT Developer 2023

This topic describes the new features and enhancements available in UFT Developer 2023.

UIA Pro (Technical Preview)

UFT Developer's new UIA Pro add-in supports testing Windows-based applications that have implemented UI Automation provider interfaces. This can help you test applications and objects that are not otherwise identified by UFT Developer.

You can use UIA Pro in JavaScript and C# tests. Create your test object descriptions using the UIA Pro mode in OIC, or by editing your test manually. Refer to the JavaScript and .NET SDK references for more information.

Note: If you want to use UFT Developer on a machine that has UFT One installed as well, you need to open UFT One before UFT Developer for UIA Pro to work.

See UI Automation in UFT Developer (tech preview).

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UFT Mobile is now Digital Lab

UFT Mobile has been rebranded to UFT Digital Lab. This UFT Developer Help Center uses both names, "Digital Lab (UFT Mobile)", for the sake of UFT Developer users using versions 2022 and earlier.

See Test mobile apps.

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SAPGUI testing enhancement

The Java SDK now enables you to retrieve the row index of a TableRow object.

See the Java SDK Reference.

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Web and AI-based Web testing

UFT Developer is using a new version of the Micro Focus UFT Agent extension for Chrome and Edge Chromium browsers. These are Manifest V3 (MV3) extensions, built for recent versions of Chrome and Edge Chromium. UFT Developer uses these extensions for both web testing and AI-based testing.

For instruction on installing and enabling the extension, see Set up web browsers and controls.

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Security enhancements

UFT Developer 2023 uses a newer version of JxBrowser: version 7.28.1.

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Supported technology versions

UFT Developer continues to extend its technology, framework, and browser support. This version includes the following additional support: 

License server versions

License server Versions


2022.08, 2023.02

Note: UFT Developer does not support Remote Commuter license installation on Linux or Mac when working with these versions of AutoPass.

Operating system versions

Operating system Versions
Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
Windows 11 21H2 update

Technology versions

Technology Versions
.NET Windows Forms

.NET 5 and 6 are now supported as a Technical Preview.

See .NET Windows Forms and WPF technologies.

  • Oracle JDK 18

  • OpenJDK 18

  • Zulu OpenJDK 18

Follow the configuration requirements in Test Java applications, version 16 or later.

JUnit 5.9.2
TestNG 7.7

Browser versions

Browser Versions
Chrome 104-110
Edge Chromium 104-110
Firefox 103-110

IDE versions

IDE Versions
Android Studio 2021.3.1
Eclipse 2022-09
IntelliJ IDEA 2022.2
Visual Studio 2022

Discontinued versions

Technology Unsupported versions



Internet Explorer

As Microsoft no longer supports Internet Explorer, UFT Developer is ceasing maintenance for working with Internet Explorer.

For more details, see the Support Matrix.

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